Kelly Isaacs

Family and experiences have always been a top priority for Kelly. While working as a corporate IT recruiter in Wisconsin, she and Scott learned that they were expecting their first child. To Kelly, it was an obvious choice to take time away from work and devote herself to raising their children. As the family grew to two children, and they began attending school, Kelly naturally became very involved in the local school community. She started working part time at the elementary school and served two terms as the president of the parent-teacher organization. Even though it was no longer part of her daily job, she always stayed close to the software development community in the Milwaukee, organizing the social experience of several large technology conferences. Now in San Diego, in addition to her work at Capewood Place, she works to develop client relations and marketing campaigns for one of the top business coaches in the country, and is, of course, responsible for planning that company's events. In Kelly's role as Sr. Extrovert at Capewood Place, she focuses on making strangers feel like family and making every interaction an experience.

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