We build trust.  We build software.

Capewood Place is a software consulting firm that places the highest priority on integrity and trustworthiness.

This is software consulting you can trust.

About Capewood Place

Solid technical skills are table stakes for any consulting firm.  So what separates Capewood Place from others?

  • We relieve your stress.  We give you confidence.
  • We’ve been in your shoes.  We ask the right questions.  We offer the advice you need.
  • We remain cool under pressure.  We believe that this peace is contagious.
  • We don’t pretend to know what we don’t know.  You can trust us.

Whether you’re looking for team leadership, architectural guidance or software development, Capewood Place has the experience you need.

Who Is Capewood Place?

Scott IsaacsCapewood Place is a software consulting firm owned and operated by Scott Isaacs.  Growing up, Scott lived in a house on a street named Capewood Place.  It had a large yard with a white picket fence.  It was in this house where Scott learned to ride a bike, fix a go cart, get along with his sister, drive a lawn tractor and the importance of being honest (possibly as the result of running over a number of sprinklers with the lawn tractor).

Scott Isaacs

When launching his software consulting business, Scott wanted to emphasize integrity and trustworthiness.  For Scott, this home was an icon of the trust and safety he experienced as a child.  So it was a natural choice when it came to deciding on the name of this business.

It is no coincidence that Scott also wrote his first simple computer program in this house on Capewood Place.

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