We build trust.
We build software.

Our Purpose

Of course, we work to support our families and enjoy our lives. But since the beginning we have had a bigger vision for why we're working. We have a purpose.

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Building Trust

Solid technical skills are table stakes for any consulting firm. So what separates Capewood Place from others? We're focused on helping you meet your goals.

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Building Software

Designing software. Writing code. Increasing security. Improving usability. These are those solid technical skills — those table stakes — and we have them.

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Who We Are

Capewood Place is a software consulting firm owned and operated by Scott and Kelly Isaacs. Growing up, Scott lived in a house on a street named Capewood Place.

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Zero commitment. 
Zero obligation. 
Zero pressure.

Seriously.  This will probably be the lowest pressure conversation you've ever had.  

You don't want to end up working with someone that can't help you meet your goals.  We don't want that either.

If we're not a fit, we'll try to help you find someone who is.